Overcoming harmful political polarization requires genuinely reformist politics, Interview with Prof. Dr. Murat Somer

Political polarization is a part of each democracy. But once a single, “Us versus Them” division becomes predominant and overshadows other ties, it begins to harm it. This type of harmful, pernicious polarization is becoming increasingly prominent across the world, and its root is the unresponsiveness of the current political systems to the needs of many people. In order to overcome it, truly reformist politics is needed – but this is by no means easy to achieve.

These are some of the conclusions of Murat Somer, professor of Political Science and International Relations at Ozyegin University in Istanbul, who recently delivered several lectures in Belgrade.

In the interview for the European Western Balkans, he also focused on the current situation in Turkey regarding polarization and the state of democracy, as well as the question of which strategies the opposition should use to challenge an authoritarian

The entire interview you can find here

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